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Brain Lightning™ :
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and has been exhibited and well received at the
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. the National Health Federation, and the
Second World Conference for Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy.


Brain Lightning™ is listed in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. This is the gold standard for evidence-based, clinical information on natural medicines. It is the most complete and up-to-date reference available. This extremely comprehensive site is designed for medical professionals, and analyzes every important new study in this subject area, and adds pertinent details to this Database. Thousands of Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, PAs, Dietitians, hospitals, pharmacies, medical libraries, and clinics rely on this Database to answer their questions about natural medicines.                       

Five Star Television Productions "Active Living" Series, May 2001, 
entitled "Something to Remember",  all about Brain Lightning, was seen on 
The Discovery Channel, Bravo Network, Oxygen Network, PAX Television and The Health Network.

  "Comprehensively serves both the Neurological and Endocrine Systems"
"Consistent Results - very rare in a biochemical product!"
"Brain Lightning is the best formula I have ever tried. What an awesome product!"
Joe Young, Biochemist, Arizona

 For Deficits in Attention, Focus, Concentration, Memory and Neuronal Nutrition
For Age-Related Loss of Function for Those Over the Age of 35

"The Preferred Choice for anyone requiring optimal, sustained  performance
with increased focus, memory retention,  mental agility and mood stabilization,
while at the same time nourishing the brain and encouraging neural growth"
 Also the preferred choice for engineers, screenwriters, financial and corporate executives,
clinicians, those in academic and stressful situations requiring maximum focus and concentration,
 those with age-related attention and focus deficit and those who just want to be 'more there'.


Brain Nutrition and Protection During Times of Change and Stress

One bitter legacy of the 20th century and the industrial age is the enormous amount of environmental pollution, additives and chemicals to which people were, and still are, exposed. In addition to this plague of oxidative stress and free radical damage, emotional stress caused by rapidly changing life situations can produce an excess of glucocorticords in the brain. The glucocorticords in normal quantities help mobilize the body in a “crisis situation”. In excess they can be damaging. 

According to Dr. Michael Meaney and the Institute for CorTexT R&D, “stress can accelerate the pace of brain aging and can result in the loss of neuronal function and even the loss of brain cells. These effects are more serious in older individuals. The evidence indicates that one class of stress hormones, the glucorticoids, can produce cognitive deficits in aged animals. In humans, the story seems to be quite similar.

Glucocorticoids compromise the function of neurons in the cortex and hippocampus, brain regions which are of critical importance for learning and memory (particularly for the acquisition of new information). Damage in these areas in humans and other animals results in seriously impaired intellectual function. Neurons function and communicate with other neurons via electrochemical processes. Neurotransmitters act on other neurons and change the electrical potentials of these cells. When cells are excited (electrically, that is) they fire and it is the cumulative effect of hippocampal and cortical cells firing that leads to new learning. High levels of glucocorticoids which occur in response to stress inhibit the excitation of these cells, and in doing so impair new learning. This can occur in anyone of any age. But the effects are more severe in the elderly - the impairment is worse, and it can last for a longer period of time. Chronic stress, with exposure to high levels of glucocorticoids, for a sufficiently long period of time can cause permanent impairments in the function of these cells - leading to permanent impairments in learning." 

Exposure to elevated glucocorticoid levels for a sufficiently long period of time, especially in the aged, can lead to the loss of hippocampal neurons. this effect appears to be due to the accumulation of toxic levels of calcium in these neurons as well as a depletion of the energy stores necessary for normal cellular function. Glucocorticoids inhibits the ability of the hippocampal neurons to take up energy substates from circulation. When exposed to excitatory signals, these cells are then compromised since they do not have the necessary energy reserves to meet demands. Indeed, this process is relevant not only for aging, but also for hypoxia-ischemic damage. When damage occurs to the hippocampus, either from stroke, aging or other form of insult, there are accompanying deficits in learning and memory." It also interferes with the ability to respond during threats or emergencies.

According to a study published in the journal Science, major emotional upheaval can generate changes that damage the brain -- specifically the hippocampus, which is responsible for complex memory. Separate studies of patients with severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and a condition called Cushing's Syndrome all showed high levels of glucocorticords.

In today’s stress-filled world, there is now a strong focus on maintaining physical health, but also an ever-growing realization that brain health is subject to aging, stress and depletion of neurochemicals so necessary for optimum functioning of the brain and the endocrine system, especially under conditions of stress and fatigue.

Feel The Difference!

Nothing can stop the aging process. It is something which happens naturally in a way that is specific and unique to each person's genetic makeup, but proper nutrition and specific targeting of known areas of biochemical depletion can often make the journey easier to tolerate, helping to mediate many of the symptoms of aging on various physiological systems as we grow older and begin to experience them. Just as people experience "low vision" phenomena as they age, they also experience a detectable decline in the ability to mentally focus on tasks, maintain a sharp mind and begin to notice problems with both short and long-term memory. 

Novus conducted a review of existing biotechnology products in the area of neural nutrition, and it was determined that there was no product on the market which appeared to be really effective.  Many of the most PROFOUND ingredients available were missing, or lacking other ingredients which would have really made the difference, because these ingredients are too costly or rare to be included in mass-marketed products.  Novus Research took on the challenge of producing a neural supplement which would really be EFFECTIVE across a wide spectrum of individual situations, maximizing the quality and type of ingredients, combining them into an amazing formula which was released in October of 1999. The rest is history. EXPERIENCE THE BEST - experience Brain Lightning™.  

Consistently Since 1999
 What Makes Brain Lightning Different Than Other Products on the Market?

Brain Lightning™ comprehensively serves both the Neurological and Endocrine Systems,  and does not contain the "biological noise" of many other products available today, with 100% Purest Grade and Highest Purity Natural Ingredients. It's where the hype  stops and performance begins - the Ultimate High Performance, Full-Support Neurological Supplement!  This profound supplement was intuitively created through a process involving  extensive research and experience, producing a product with a wide range of effect which combats neural aging processes without stressing the body. The intent to create the absolute best is also behind this product. You'll find nothing better!  Brain Lightning™ was the first effective product and will always be the best! 


Factor Brain Lightning™ - 21st Century Neural Supplement "Most Nationally Advertised Brain Supplements"
Major Neural Ingredients:



  Brain Lightning - 21st Century Neural Supplement "Most Nationally Advertised Brain Supplements"
Vitamin B-12
JULY 2001
250 mcg NEW
100% Pure Grade Methylcobalamine
Methyl form is the only form immediately
usable by the central nervous system
< 21 mcg 
Common Cyanocobalamine
not present in these products in biologically significant amounts)
 converted by the liver into methylcobalamine, 
after disposal of a cyanide molecule- 

Vitamin B-1

25 mg < 4 mg
not present in these products in biologically significant amounts)
Vitamin B-3 10 mg > 24 mg
Vitamin B-6 25 mg
Pyridoxine 5 Phosphate
< 16 mg
not present in these products in biologically significant amounts)
Vitamin B-5 25 mg <13 mg
Vitamin E 100 I.U. < 31 I.U.
not present in these products in biologically significant amounts)
  Brain Lightning - 21st Century Neural Supplement "Most Nationally Advertised Brain Supplements"
Magnesium 50 mg < 3 mg
not present in these products in biologically significant amounts )
Zinc 10 mg
Amino Acid Chelate
10 mg
JULY 2001
  Organic Selenomethionine 200 mcg  NEW <21 mcg Regular Selenium
not present in these products in biologically significant amounts )
  Brain Lightning - 21st Century Neural Supplement "Most Nationally Advertised Brain Supplements"
Total Amount: 1,475 mg Synergistic Components:
Three Times The Effectiveness !!!
<480 mg Synergistic Components:
Huperzine A 100% Natural Molecular Alkaloid from Asia
maximum biological benefits 60 mcg
1% Titration level of Huperzine
(below clinically effective level)
not present in these products in biologically significant amounts)
Vinpocetine Yes
100% Pure Grade Vinpocetine from Europe 15 mg
Source or grade unknown, quantity unknown
DMAE Yes Yes
Pregnenolone Yes No
Trimethylglycine Yes No
L-Tyrosine Yes No
GABA Yes Yes
Gingko Biloba Yes No

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Detailed Information and Abstracts on Synergistic Ingredients of Brain Lightning


Brain Lightning™ comprehensively serves both the Neurological and Endocrine Systems,  and does not contain the "biological noise" of many other products available today, with 100% Purest Grade and Highest Purity Natural Ingredients. It's where the hype  stops and performance begins - the Ultimate High Performance, Full-Support Neurological Supplement!  This profound supplement was intuitively created through a process involving  extensive research and experience, producing a product with a wide range of effect which combats neural aging processes without stressing the body. The intent was to create the absolute best is also behind this product. You'll find nothing better!  

Where the hype stops and performance begins!
Optimize Your Focus, Memory and Concentration,
 While Minimizing Stress

Supplement Facts Label

The Human Brain and Micronutrients

A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System
    by the Society for Neuroscience

Click here to download  827 KB



Current News Involving Alzheimer's Syndrome

Alzheimer Pharmaceuticals Deemed  Waste of Money 6/28/04

US researchers identify link between stress and aging 12/1/04

"A proprietary, synergistic, balanced blend of Huperzine A, Vinpocetine,  DMAE, Trimethylglycine  (TMG), DL Phenylalanine, GABA, L-Tyrosine,  Gingko Biloba, and Pregnenolone, supported by a wide spectrum  of specific vitamins and minerals of the highest natural quality, providing superior  supplementation  with little or no "biological noise" or hyperstimulation."  Experience very profound performance and  consistent results. Professional Grade, No Animal Derived Constituents. Safe, Effective and Consistent. Improves mental performance, focus and concentration.  World's Best Since 1999!  

Evaluate Your Cognitive Function

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Since 1999

How Does Brain Lightning Compare?

    What Brain Lightning™ can functionally do:
 Promotes improvement of mental and intellectual function.
 Promotes enhanced concentration and focus.
Promotes faster, accurate thought processes.
Promotes the growth of nerve dendrites.
Promotes protective environment for brain cells.
 Promotes better short-term and long-term memory.
Promotes increase in neural information flow.
Promotes a general state of well-being.
Promotes stable behavior patterns and mood.
Helps counteract fatigue and emotional depression.
Promotes an increase in cellular energy and ATP.
 Increases mental energy, memory recall and acuity.
 Protects against age-related cognitive decline.
 Helps lower general homocysteine levels in the blood.
 Helps reduce DNA aging and replication problems.
 Facilitates cerebral metabolism and detoxification processes.
 Enhances blood flow to the brain and reduces cell death.
 Alleviates symptoms related to glaucoma and improves vision.
 Aids in the prevention of organophosphate pesticide toxicity.
Improves auditory and visual capability.
 Helps increase norepinephrine levels.
 Helps increase noradrenyline levels.
 Helps increase serotonine levels.
 Increases acetylcholine concentration.
 Increases production of dopamine.
 Improves glucose utilization in the brain.
 Increases oxygen capture and use by hypoxic neurons.
Promotes neural cell resistance to low oxygen levels.
 Inhibits phosphodiesterase activity.
 Reduces platelet aggregation, improves cell deformability.
 Promotes decrease in cerebral vascular resistance.
 Promotes adaptation of cerebral blood flow to metabolic needs.
 Helps counteract cortisol levels which can damage the brain.
 Helps scavenge free radicals in the brain.
 Promotes normal transmission of nerve impulses.
A Completely Natural and Safe Vegan Product!
"The above are statements based on scientific and medical knowledge relative to structure and function of components, which the FDA has not chosen to evaluate. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."  

Customer Feedback

"I haven't had much luck with supplements but I noticed results with Brain Lightning within the first week. I am an engineer at an electric utility and I have gone back to school to finish my business degree, this has increased the stress levels in my life. I conducted research before ordering and Brain Lightning has all the precursors to SAMe, which is a natural anti- depressant, along with natural anti-anxiety ingredients. I have been suffering mild depression and general anxiety disorder over the past few years and I have been very reluctant to use prescription medicines due to the side effects. After 1 week of Brain Lightning, I noticed increased concentration at work and school and this has had the added benefit of increasing my confidence. The anxiety symptoms, especially at school, are noticeably decreased. My mood seems better as well. I am so satisfied, I am ordering 3 more bottles." Thanx! D. M. , Engineer, IL 

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On the Job - Keeping That Needed "Edge"
For Learning - Maximize brain plasticity
Creativity - Harness the Power of Creative Thinking

Engineers, doctors, musicians and professionals have been aware of the on-the-job usefulness of Brain Lightning since its release in 1999. Mental performance, focus and having a "QUICK, FLUID MENTAL PROCESS" are essential to working with daily requirements of complex analytical tasks in today's technological world as well as being able to tap into the CREATIVE ZONE and CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING. See comments.

Students and those who are in the process of exploring advanced states of consciousness have the benefit of the mental clarity and focus inherent with Brain Lightning use. Brain Lightning is synergistically tailored for situational use, and is easily adapted into routines as they arise in life, maximizing results as much as possible in ways unique to each individual. Brain Lightning is used by brokers, analysts, engineers, and professionals in all fields. Ideal for those who need to operate in OPTIMUM MODE more EASILY under high mental pressure. And, it is CONSISTENT every time.

Stress and the demands of life quickly deplete neurological chemicals. Waking up in a fog and a basic inability to get one's brain "in gear" in the morning can severely impact what one gets out of life and career.



Processes of Age-Related Neurological Decline
(Merck Manual of Geriatrics)

Loss of nerve cells: "With normal aging, the number of nerve cells in the brain decreases. Cell loss is minimal in some areas (eg, brain stem nuclei, supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei) but is as great as 10 to 60% in others (eg, hippocampus). Loss also varies within the cortex (e.g., loss is 55% in the superior temporal gyrus but 10 to 35% in the tip of the temporal lobe). From age 20 or 30 to age 90, brain weight declines about 10%, and the area of the cerebral ventricles relative to the entire brain (as seen on cross section in the coronal view) may increase three to four times. The clinical effects of these changes are difficult to determine because brain weight and ventricular size may not correlate with intelligence; indeed, severe dementia may occur in persons who have normal ventricular size for their age."  Regeneration of New Brain Cells is possible. For many years, scientists believed that a brain only had so many cells and once those were lost, that was it. Not so. See recent studies since 1999.

Accumulation of free radicals: "Free radicals (atoms or molecules with one unpaired electron), which are produced normally during metabolism, accumulate with age and may have a toxic effect on certain nerve cells."  

Changes in neurotransmitter systems: "With normal aging, changes in neurotransmitter systems (enzymes, receptors, and neurotransmitters) occur (Age Related Changes in Neurotransmitter Systems). For example, choline O-acetyltransferase levels tend to decrease; the number of cholinergic receptors tends to decrease; and g-aminobutyric acid, serotonin, and catecholamine levels usually decrease. Choline O-acetyltransferase levels and dopamine levels may further decrease in Alzheimer's disease and in Parkinson's disease, respectively. Another age-related change is an increase in monoamine oxidase levels. When this increase is inhibited by monoamine oxidase inhibitors, onset of disability in patients with Parkinson's disease may be forestalled."   

Decreased cerebral blood flow: "With normal aging, cerebral blood flow decreases by about 20% on average; decreases are even greater in persons with small-vessel cerebrovascular disease due to diabetes and hypertension. Although blood flow in women is usually greater than in men until age 60, the subsequent rate of decrease is slightly more rapid. Decreases are greater in certain areas of the brain (eg, the prefrontal region) and are greater in gray matter than in white matter."  

Compensatory mechanisms: "Certain properties of the brain may reduce the clinical effects of age-related changes. Redundancy is a property whereby more nerve cells exist than are needed. For example, diabetes insipidus (due to a lack of antidiuretic hormone) does not appear until > 85% of the nerve cells in the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei have been destroyed. Furthermore, hydrocephalic patients, who have only a thin cerebral cortical mantle, may have normal intelligence. The number of cells required for certain functions is unknown, so the extent of redundancy is difficult to estimate. However, redundancy probably reduces the effects of age-related neuron loss."  

Plasticity at the nerve cell level involves compensatory lengthening and production of dendrites in remaining nerve cells to offset the age-related gradual deterioration and loss of nerve cells. New connections in the dendritic tree may compensate for the fewer nerve cells. Plasticity in the dendritic tree may also occur in Alzheimer's disease, perhaps as a biologic attempt to preserve function.

Consider this:

  • More than 30% of prison inmates are there because of behavior induced by neurological deficit and dysfunction, combined with poor socioeconomic conditions, that were never remedied or addressed in their lives.

  •  Our society not only suffers from a dysfunctional, non brain-centered educational system, but so many people suffer from neurological impairment due to poor diet and an environment filled with neurotoxins.

Brain Lightning™ component effect categories

Memory and Learning , Alzheimer's and Dementia, Cognitive Deficit, Organophosphate exposure, nerve agent exposure, oxidative chemical exposure, neuroprotection, Aluminum deposition protection, oxidative stress, hearing improvement, stroke therapy, MS relapse mediation, radiation protective effects, cerebral circulation, hydroxyl scavenging, circulatory calcification, anticonvulsant, hippocampal nitric oxide toxicity protection, glaucoma therapy, free radical scavenging, glutamate toxicity reduction, neuronal energy metabolism damage repair, hippocampal phospholipid breakdown inhibition, memory restoration, depression mediation, improved psychomotor performance, adjuvant-induced arthritis mediation, tinnitus reduction, increased DNA synthesis, induction of lucid dreaming, positive behavior enhancement, mood improvement,  and more.  See Abstracts for extensive details.

Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI)

In the 1980s, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) came up with a definition for the person with AAMI: he or she must be at least 50 years old, must have a noticeable decline in memory function, perform poorly on a standard memory test, and have all other causes such as Alzheimer's, depression and head injury ruled out. These criteria suggest that up to half of the American population over 50 could be suffering from AAMI. But because the condition is considered more annoying than critical, it receives very little attention from doctors. AAMI could categorize about half of Americans over 50, or 34 million candidates (consumers) according to a recent U.S. census. And many of them are baby boomers.

Looking at AAMI-type cognitive impairment, two factors contribute to cerebral deterioration: lack of nutrients, such as oxygen, to support healthy brain cells, and lack of substrate, primarily phospholipids, to support the repair and regeneration of brain cells. Consequently, there are essentially two groups of supplements that support brain health. Vasodilators improve circulation by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. And phospholipids and other materials seek to improve brain function by increasing the number and integrity of brain cells.

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) involves more serious forgetfulness that can cause problems at work or in daily living. For example, forgetting the name of an acquaintance for a minute is AAMI, but forgetting the names of your co-workers is considered MCI. It's still quite a leap from MCI to dementia or Alzheimer's, but research indicates that 12 percent of persons with MCI later acquire Alzheimer's.

Aging and poor lifestyle habits contribute to AAMI and MCI. "Part of the normal aging process--exacerbated by too much alcohol, drugs or stress--is a diminishment in cognitive ability. Both AAMI and MCI are can be helped with supplementation. Supplementation has been able to retard the progression of serious diseases such as senile dementia and Alzheimer's, to some degree, but there is no current "cure" to halt these conditions once they firmly take hold.

Impact of Neurological Deficiencies

Serotonin Deficiency: Serotonin deficiency chiefly relates to emotional stability. Deficiencies can manifest as lack of rational emotions, feelings of irritability, sudden unexplained emotional outbursts and sleep problems.

GABA Deficiency:  A neurological deficiency in gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) can result in anxiety and restlessness which can appear for no appreciable reason. See also: Study shows GABA (component of Brain Lightning) can help reverse mental decline.  

Major Neurotransmitter Deficiency: The synergistic inclusion of DLPA and Vitamin B-6 in Brain Lightning™ counteracts deficiencies which result in a lack of dopamine, norepinephrine and enkephalins in the brain. The lack of sufficient quantities of these substances can produce lack of emotional resonance with others, as well as depression, lack of ambition and a sense of isolation.

General Neurological Deficiencies:  See component descriptions below.

Why Should I Use Brain Lightning™?

Considering that there is no cell that requires only one nutrient, it is curious, in terms of a "search for effectiveness", that most nutritional studies approach the matter from the point of view of single-nutrient therapy. However, this approach of allopathic orthodoxy over the last 70 years is a function of the search to determine the properties of single-nutrients. According to the most up-to-date information, clinical evidence suggests that single-nutrient studies are appropriate for research only, but are not as useful as the synergistic approach, which is more effective and safer. In order to promote optimum biological activity, multiple nutrients which work in synchrony and support/balance each other is the way to proceed. Human existence has for more than 2 million years involved the ingestion of multiple nutrients, so why not analyze and research the best neural nutrients, their biological in vivo interactions, and the supplemental interactions of specific pure, high grade vitamins and minerals with those neural nutrients, institute extensive testing, and produce something that really achieves the objective? Brain Lightning™ was the result. 

Nutritional supplements that are usually offered to the public often have components that are biologically mismatched and do not function well together, and most often lack other specific substances that extensive research has shown must be present for other nutrients work effectively, and together, to create a balanced condition that is useful.

A common example of synergistic supplementation is the Glucosamine Chondroitin preparation available for relief and prevention of joint problems. The combination of glucosamine HCL and chondrotin sulfate works better than either of the substances alone. Vitamin C, taurine, potassium and magnesium all help lower blood pressure. A synergistic combination may prove to be even more effective.

Brain Lightning™ is the most advanced neural supplementation product available. Its proprietary synergistic formula is finely tuned to achieve the maximum neurophysiological benefit. It far outweighs the capability of any other formula on the planet. On a biochemical basis, every molecule makes a difference. Read the feedback!


Bates, C.J., et al, "Does Vitamin C reduce blood presssure?" Results of a large study of people 65 and over. Journal of Hypertension, 1998,165:925-32.
Fujita, T., et al, "Hypotensive Effect of Taurine", Journal of Clinical Investigation, 1988;82:993-7
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Crahon, R., "The Synergistic Approach: The Future of Nutrition Therapy", Townsend Letter for Doctors,2001;Feb/Mar,38-40.

 Five Star Television Productions "Active Living" Series, May 2001, entitled "Something to Remember",

 all about Brain Lightning, was seen on The Discovery Channel, Bravo Network, 

Oxygen Network, PAX Television and The Health Network.

A Highly Consistent and Effective Formulation   

All ingredients in Brain Lightning™ have been shown by many studies to be  profound neurological and memory enhancers. This synergistic formulation   contains a proprietary blend of the leading nootropic nutrients available, to create a powerful, effective neurological supplement. Brain Lightning™ is a proprietary, synergistic blend of Huperzine A,Vinpocetine, Trimethylglycine (TMG), DL Phenylalanine (DLPA), GABA, DMAE, L-Tyrosine, Gingko Biloba,  Pregnenolone, supported by Magnesium, Thiamin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine 5 Phosphate), Niacin (non-flushing, as niacinamide), Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin and Selenium (as Organic Selenomethionine). These ingredients are synergistically blended in thresholds guaranteed to be both safe and effective, unlike some other nootropic products on the market.

This product cannot be duplicated in its performance because of the special proprietary blend of ingredients.  Product knock-offs which will inevitably appear will not work the same, because the ingredients cannot be combined in just any amounts in order to work correctly together, nor are they guaranteed to be the best and most natural,  as they are in Brain Lightning™.  Best of all, this product was created in the spirit of positive intent.  There is little "biological noise" with Brain Lightning™, compared to choline-based formulae. Our formulation is yeast free and fluoride free. It won't make you feel "dopey" like many choline-based formulae on the market.

Contraindications:  This product is NOT intended for children, people with PKU (phenylketonuria), or pregnant/lactating women.  If you have high blood pressure, hemophilia, heart problems, pre-existing pigmented malignant melanoma, migraine headaches , or are taking blood thinning medication or other prescription drugs, use only under the guidance of a physician.  Do NOT take this formulation with MAO inhibitor anti- depressants. Persons with circulatory or blood pressure concerns, see below. 

Suggested Use: As a dietary neurological supplement, take three (3) capsules daily to achieve the optimum neurophysiological effect.  Take on empty stomach or between meals, followed by two glasses of water. Dosage may be increased or decreased to achieve desired result.  Persons with circulatory or blood pressure concerns may begin with 1 vegi-capsule  3x per day and consult your health professional about use.

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Customer Feedback

" Taking Brain Lightning for 2 weeks I have noticed -- reduced left hand tremor which I have lived with for 11 years,  but I kept an eye out for "solutions". The tremor is task related -- cups, soup spoons, can't handwrite, do anything miniature, put on lipstick, draw, must use two hands, or other hand, stressful and slow. Picture Framing is my home business and I am
trying to reestablish. In spite of "handicap". The hand work takes me longer with a "difficulty" I don't know exactly how to describe. I have done OK with it now looking for the creative energy I seemed to have lost and the Brain Lightning has been a boost. New project schedule to finish 11 botanical prints with special mat designs and it's been going so smoothly with pleasing perfect results.  And bonus -- better nutrition, being back in the kitchen with improved knife, measuring, cooking skills. What a pleasure to eat soup with my left hand -- I have been supper with chopsticks though these years. I am very excited about Brain Lightning - it has really made a difference in my life. Thanks."

 D.W. 56, Ft. Washington, PA


Ask Yourself These Questions:
Would you like to stop feeling brain fogged after you get up in the morning?

Losing concentration, focus and ability to remember things?

Do you find yourself in a stress-filled environment and can't afford to lose concentration?

Need Optimum Brain Function in spite of yourself and your environment?

Tired of watching others advance ahead of you on the job, in school or in the field?


Braining Lightning™: A Cost-Effective Solution to Neurological Deficit


Huperzine A costs about $500,000 per kilo to produce, and Brain Lightning™ has 60mcg per serving (3 capsules) of the natural molecular alkaloid. When you buy cheap Huperzine A on the market, you will find that most distributors use 1-5% titrated Huperzine A, which means you are not getting 100% pure molecular alkaloid but almost a homeopathic concentration, far below the actual threshold for effect. For example, if you see a product that advertises 50mcg of Huperzine  for less than about $35, you need to read the label, because you aren't getting the natural molecular alkaloid. These companies are not obligated to tell you the quality of the ingredients. You can get an idea by the price. The same general principle is true with Vinpocetine and the other major ingredients. Trying to buy cheap ingredients separately and trying to re-create the effect of the Brain Lightning™ proprietary formula is literally impossible. We use only the highest quality ingredients - no titrated formulations or "standard" quality ingredients meet the criteria for producing superior synergistic biological effectiveness.

Take a look at a letter from someone who made the attempt:

"Thank you for this product. I went out and began to price what it would take to put something like this product together from off-the-shelf single components. By the time I was half way through the list, I had spent $150, and I had not even gotten to the prime ingredients yet! It's pretty clear to me that you have done a masterful job in providing this product, with all its natural ingredients, for $69.95 per bottle, and with such a high performance result."

R.L., Nutritionist, Los Angeles, California

Notification of Product Specials, New Products and Related Information

You may be interested in notification of product specials, new products, or  related information. Subscribe below to our customer notification mailing list below. We only send a few of these each year, and it's nice-to-know information, which could make a difference for your health ... and your pocket book.

More Customer Feedback

"I really enjoyed our conversation about 10 days ago. I just wanted to say that I am "really" enjoying your wonderful product-Brain Lightning. It is great! For me, it brings a balance, a pleasurable feeling, a feeling of being connected on different levels of whom I truly am. I want to say a Special Thank You for this super product. Thank you so very much for all your time and attention, and your great help to those who want better health and Being. Have a great Day."


"I have gone through a whole pile of products that didn't live up to their billing, but Brain Lightning does work as described and had a powerful effect."  M. M. 48, Writer  


Ordering Brain Lightning
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If you were to purchase all these ingredients separately in the amounts available in a bottle of Brain Lightning™, it would cost you more than $150.00, and you still wouldn't be getting the high purity or number of ingredients used in this product.


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Brain Lightning Introductory Presentations: A History
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Brain Lightning™ is featured on the World Health Network,  the official site of the
 American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine  backed by 10,000 physicians, 
and Tools for Wellness, the world's largest resource for self-improvement technologies.

 Previous  Exhibitions featuring and introducing Brain Lightning™:

New Visions Exposition
Phoenix Civic Center
 April 27-29, 2001 Phoenix, Arizona

 Total Health Exposition
Sacramento Convention Center
March 30, 2001 - April 1, 2001 Sacramento, California

The Eighth International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Biomedical Technologies
Venetian Resort& Casino, Dec 15- 17   
Las Vegas. Nevada

The National Health Federation, 
Natural Health Show 2000 
 July 15-16, 2000, Pasadena, California

2000 W.L. Exposition 
 April 7-9,  Concourse Exhibition Center
San Francisco, California

Second World Conference of Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy
Feb 20, 2000 - Feb 22, 2000 San Francisco, California

American College for the Advancement of Medicine Conference
October 29-31, 1999  Reno, Nevada

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